IEHR offer an extensive technical consultancy service, briefly outlined below.

However, if what you are seeking is not listed please call us! And if you need immediate attention to an issue, we guarantee to get the 'wheels in motion' within 24 hours.

HR Support for small businesses

IEHR look after the HR needs of many small businesses. Our services can be tailored to your needs, including the quick resolution of queries via email and telephone, advice on employment law, assistance with recruitment, conflict management and everything else in the HR mix. You can 'pay-as-you-go' or opt for a retainer contract.

Setting-up an HR department

When businesses grow beyond a certain size, it makes sense to employ an internal HR specialist. We are happy to help you set-up and find the right person for the job, and of course, if we've been providing you with our HR services, you can continue to call on us as and when you need to!

As-needed outsourced HR

Is your HR team overloaded, perhaps due to long term sickness or maternity cover?
Do you need help with a short term project?
IEHR can fill the gap with emergency cover, or provide support on a long-term basis.

Production and maintenance of staff handbooks

Is your staff handbook up-to-date? Did you know it could become a key document at a tribunal? Employment laws regularly change and your handbook should reflect these changes. For peace of mind and continuity, let IEHR review and amend your handbook in line with current legislation. If you aren't currently communicating your company rules and regulations via a staff handbook, we can write one for you in a positive, employee-friendly style.

Recruitment, short-listing and selection

From writing and placing adverts in relevant publications, to creating the employment contract, IEHR will help you find the right candidate for the job, whether you need to fill one or 100 positions.

Job descriptions and person specifications

An accurate, up-to-date job description is essential to attracting the right employee. But what about your current job descriptions, are they up-to-date?

HR training

In-house training can be designed and customized to empower line managers in situations that they may not be familiar with, such as:

  • Interview and selection techniques
  • Staff appraisals, development, career management and planning
  • Increasing performance
  • Redundancy support
  • Discipline and grievance procedures, verbal and written

Psychometric testing and personality profiles

IEHR can test, interpret and provide feedback in a variety of psychometric and personality tools including Myers Briggs OPQ, Firo B and 16PF.

Managing change

IEHR can assist with the sensitive handling of your staff, and the implementation of new policies and procedures during restructuring exercises, mergers, acquisitions, take-overs and TUPE. Additionally, in cases where consultation with staff is a legal requirement, we can support and document the entire process on your behalf.

Redundancies and downsizing

Whether you need to let go of one person or implement a large scale programme, IEHR provides a full service including project management, legal preparations, job search and placement, and counselling support for those affected.

Absence management

Proper management of absence and sickness can effectively reduce cost of days off work through ill-health. IEHR can give clear guidance on absence management, and suggest preventative measures by looking at the wider HR policies across the company.

Conflict management

When you need the services of an 'objective outsider' to assist with dispute resolution, IEHR can provide a qualified mediator to help negotiate and rebuild relationships, and prevent reoccurrences. Harassment and bullying situations resolved with a combination of conflict management and understanding of the legal requirements.

Discipline and grievance policies

In cases where a situation calls for disciplinary action, IEHR will help you get through the immediate situation and with the longer term view through policies and strategies to ensure a satisfactory conclusion.

TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings), mergers and acquisitions

IEHR can offer expert advice and guidance regarding the legal frameworks that apply to mergers, acquisitions and when buying or selling a company. We will work with you to deliver the necessary consultations and ensure your people understand what is happening and when.

(For more information about TUPES please click on the link.)