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François Fénelon

Case Studies

Let us give you an example of how we work…

This case study involves a scientific manufacturing company, employing 12 staff, including a small sales force working remotely across the country:

The company first approached IEHR because a member of their sales force had been on long-term sick and they were hearing rumours that the member of staff was looking for a new job, with no intentions to return. This was frustrating for both the owners of the company and the staff around them.

IEHR talked through the options on dealing with long-term sick and began the process of encouraging the return of the individual or of exiting the person. Failure to deal with situations like this has an impact on all colleagues as they are increasingly asked to cover for the absence, this costs you in terms of morale and goodwill, as well as additional costs such as sick pay and temporary staff cover. With the various options available to deal with long term sickness clearly stated, once the process was started, the individual quickly resigned realizing that they would have to return to work and justify their long-term absence, or lose their job though a capability process.

The company owners were so pleased with the speed with which the issue had been resolved that they asked IEHR to provide support with everyday issues within the HR field and specific recruitment advice, which included an urgent need to find two new sales managers. Previously the sales force had a reputation for long hours and high levels of travel with little return, so IEHR helped the company split the sales regions making them more manageable. IEHR also developed a more efficient interview and assessment process that focused on identifying candidates with highly relevant previous experience, and long-term aspirations that were a better fit with the company’s future plans. The two sales managers that were successfully recruited are still valuable members of the team.

IEHR set up a monthly contract for the company providing all its HR support, so that any challenges could be dealt with and swiftly resolved. As part of the initial support, employment contracts and policies were reviewed and brought up to date, an employee handbook was produced and misperceptions on maternity rights and responsibilities were resolved.